Do you have a new website? Experiment with Google Optimize

Do you have a new website? Experiment with Google Optimize

Por mariale el 13/01/2022 en Optimización web

The launch of any digital project is exciting. On that day the visits rained, the traffic increased, the emails and the congratulations arrived. But what about the post-launch days? What happens when you don’t see the expected results? You call your agency to start the changes, but what should you change? Google Optimize can help you manage improvements.

In the last post I told you about four analytics tools that we use at Apros (you can read it in full here). Among my favorite platforms to experiment with is Google Optimize, a tool that allows you to test different variations of your website. This exercise is called A / B Testing, basically because we want to decide which option will give us better results: A or B.

What Google Optimize allows me to do

Suppose you launched a landing with the aim of getting users to fill out a form. You placed a banner with text and its respective button or call to action. When evaluating results at the end of the month you realize that you did NOT receive many clicks and the agency recommends you add an attractive image that supports your proposal.

This assumption or hypothesis can be tested in Google Optimize by taking traffic to both options: landing option A (without image) and option B (with image). The platform even allows you to decide what percentage of users goes to each option. You can choose that of 100 people who visit your website, 50 go to option A (Original) and 50 to option B (Variant 1).

In addition to images, you can change texts, positioning of elements, font sizes, etc. For more complex tests, it allows you to experiment with various sections of the web or even different URLs. The Google Optimize platform allows you to test different variations of your website from a friendly interface and without editing the source code, that is, without the need for experienced programmers.

For data freaks like me who like to analyze metrics I have good news: the results are stored in a reports section and synced with Google Analytics … a real game changer,

Dare to experiment with the contents of your pages, I am sure you will be able to identify the optimal experience for your visitors. In this digital world we must create good user experiences, do not be left behind.