How does Google Ads position the ads?

How does Google Ads position the ads?

Por mariale el 12/01/2022 en Optimización web

Many entrepreneurs and companies ask us about how Google is responsible for positioning the ads. So in the next blog we will tell you the important factors so that you can appear in the first positions.

As we know, the position of the ads is the order in which they appear in Google search results. This is according to an auction that is made each time a user performs a search. To find out what position we are in we have to review the average position metric. So we have that if our average position is 1 then our ad was shown first. Average ad position is 2 means it was the second ad to be shown and so on. Also remember that the only paid results in a search appear at the top and at the bottom. If we appear in position 3 or 4 this means that it is displayed at the bottom of the first search page.

How is the position of the ad determined?

The position is made through an ad auction that is measured by the ranking of the ad, the highest ranking is the ad that will appear first. This ranking is given by 5 factors:

The offer: since Google Ads works through an auction format, the offer is one of the important factors for our average position. This is the maximum amount that we are willing to pay for a click on the ad.
The quality of the ads and landing page: The relevance of the ad and whether the website is linked to that topic is considered here.
Ad limits: it is the minimum bid required for the ad to show in a certain position.
User search context: this aspect is about the user such as the search term, device type. Location, among others.
Impact of extensions and other ad formats: when you create an ad you can add additional information such as phone or cell phone, address, among other formats that impact ad performance.

Having a good position also helps us in two important ways:

The cost per click (CPC): The ads with higher quality generate a lower CPC. This means that by paying less we will receive more clicks.
Include extensions: Ad ranking determines if your ad is eligible to be shown with extensions and other formats. Remember that this is relevant information that we want to provide the user who performs the search.

Now that we know that the quality of the ads is the determining factor for the ranking and this helps us to reduce ourselves and an advertising success, let’s not stop applying the good practices of Google. Let’s never forget to take into account the 5 factors when creating a new advertising campaign.