Know if your website is fast on mobile

Know if your website is fast on mobile

Por mariale el 12/01/2022 en Optimización web

Have you ever tried to search or buy on your cell phone and were disappointed, resigned to having to use the laptop? Surely yes.

Today I am going to tell you about the importance of speed. A great mobile site should give users what they want quickly and make contact or purchase easy. Remember that the objective is to achieve conversions (whether they are leads, purchases, blog reading, etc.).

Why don’t my clients «convert» from their cell phones? Three most common reasons:

  • Website loading is very slow
  • UX or web design is not friendly
  • Network restrictions (low signal or 3G)

And how can I know if my website is fast on cell phones?

To test the speed of your website on mobile devices use Google’s free tool called Test My Site. The online platform will analyze the speed of your website and give you a score: excellent, good or poor.


According to studies carried out by Google, in 2018, the average time it takes to load a web page on mobile is 15 seconds. This is too slow considering that 53% of visits to mobile sites leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Definitely, mobile users are demanding. Site performance is not only important to developers, it is essential to keep existing customers and acquire new ones. A site full of great content but poor mobile performance won’t do much good.

If you need support with the performance of your website, do not hesitate to contact Apros, specialists in digital solutions.