Speed ​​up your WordPress page

Every extra second of load can affect your sales, take action today to avoid it.

Better pagespeed rank

The importance of an agile website

 Google communicated at the beginning of 2018 the impact of the speed of websites on its search results (read source).

Learn about the speed and opportunities for improvement on your website here.

Let's take the first step

Performance audit

We analyze your WordPress installation, the template and plugins, as well as the current configuration of the hosting server.


Implementation of improvements

We execute an improvement plan and get down to work to achieve a record loading time in Page Speed ​​Insights (Google)


Training and monitoring

We highlight what are the good practices to follow to maintain a good ranking and we support it with periodic reviews.

We improve the loading of your website in 1 week

1 - Debug bad practices

We remove render-blocking resources and unused files

2 - Lighten resources

We compress images and structure files, styles and effects

3 - Optimize loading sequence

We reorganize the loading order of the different types of files

4 - Save user data

We configure the cache to avoid recurring download of resources

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