The 4 Analytics characters that should not be missing in your digital projects

The 4 Analytics characters that should not be missing in your digital projects

Por mariale el 12/01/2022 en Optimización web

If you have been part of a digital project, it is very likely that there will be better results with Google Analytics 360. What is it? It is a set of tools that monitor the behavior of customers who browse our website or application.

I like to think of these tools as different characters that complement your marketing team. In this post I introduced you to four.

1. The Stalker: Google Analytics

Topping the list is the stalker or spy. This character will give you all the knowledge of the user experience. The Google Analytics platform will tell you how to reach customers, what pages they visit, how long they stay on the web, and if you have their data and what type of cell phone they use. It is a silent observer that collects all the traffic information on your website.

Configuration: 1 time to start data accumulation. Settings are included to segment audiences and create goals. Follow-up: Constant.

2. La Geek: Google Tag Manager

Do you want to configure Analytics for your website? You need help from the geek. This character has access to the tracking pixels in an easy and user-friendly platform. Pixels? Don’t worry, the geek understands. Google Tag Manager hosts all the tracking codes that are needed by Facebook, CrazyEgg or Google Analytics and allows you to update them without the need for a programmer.

Configuration: 1 time to install the tag. Tracking: As tracking codes need to be updated or added.

3. El Científico: Google Optimize

Tu proyecto digital se lanzó tras haber pasado rigurosas aprobaciones de diseño pero, ¿qué pasa cuando no ves los resultados esperados? Comienzas a cuestionar el contenido, los textos, incluso el color del botón. Entra aquí el científico, personaje que te ayudará a probar y probar hipótesis de mejoras. La plataforma de Google Optimizar te permite probar diferentes variaciones de tu sitio web desde una interfaz amigable y sin editar el código fuente.

Configuración: 1 sola integración con Google Analytics y configuraciones de A / B Pruebas mensuales. Seguimiento: Constante.

4. The Executive: Google Data Studio.

One of my favorite characters is the executive, who will help you turn your data into decisions. With everything you need. The Google Data Studio platform is ideal for displaying dashboards or dashboards. These dashboards help you tell stories with information and business decisions.

Configuration: 1 single integration with Google Analytics and Adwords. Monthly reporting adjustments apply. Tracking: Constant

Bonus Track- El Jalador: Google Adwords

If you are lucky enough to have organic traffic and you don’t need Google Adwords, congratulations. If you are like the rest of the mortals and you need to derive the traffic to your website, now you have a jalador. Consider investing in Google Adwords within your launch plan.

At Apros, we share every day with these characters. They offer us solutions for companies of all services that seek to understand their clients, solutions that we apply to all our digital projects. If you would like to improve your digital investment for 2018 and achieve an increase in sales, clicks, leads, it is not too late, call us.