What do I need to advertise on Google Ads?

What do I need to advertise on Google Ads?

Por mariale el 12/01/2022 en Optimización web

One of the most powerful sales tools for a website is, without a doubt, digital advertising, and one of the best known is Google Ads. The success of its campaigns has made Google Ads the tool most used by entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes.

Who can run a Google Ads campaign?

We can all put together a campaign and post ads but it is ideal that we rely on an expert for the initial configuration. Google Ads analysts must be certified by the platform as this guarantees that the campaign has been carried out correctly and that we will obtain potential clients. As an agency we offer the advertising service on Google with certified specialists, but we know that the needs of an entrepreneur are different.

What is the launch process for my campaign?

To achieve the success of our advertising we must take into account the following steps:

Where do we want to go? In this step we analyze the business and potential customers.
What keywords to use? We perform the search volume analysis and definition of the offer per click.
How to write the announcements? We write the announcements explaining the added value that the business offers, we establish the hours and the locations.
How do you know if the campaign is working? We configure the payment and we give you a dashboard so that you can review the results.
How to keep the campaigns in good condition? We train you in 2 hours to learn how to optimize your campaign.

Why choose the option that Apros offers me?

Apros offers you the configuration of your campaigns and does not charge a monthly agency fee. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, this option is the best for you for two main reasons.
The first is that you save money, since you do not have to pay high monthly costs that some agencies usually charge. And we direct the entire budget directly to receive more clicks.
The second is that you can make the necessary changes immediately such as seeing the keywords that generated clicks during the day, pausing, adding new keywords, among others. Being a small business we know that changes must be fast.

What other considerations should I take into account for my campaign?

Investment: We recommend investing from 12 soles per day so that the campaign can compete with other companies that are already advertising at the moment.
Extensions: For campaigns it is recommended to use the two most popular extensions of number (cell phone or telephone) and location (business address).

If you have any questions about your next digital campaign, do not hesitate to contact us and talk to a specialist.