What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Por mariale el 12/01/2022 en Optimización web

Seo is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization comes as a process to improve the quality of the pages.

It is one of the disciplines of digital marketing that has begun to take on a relevant relationship, since it leads to the use of good practices when designing and programming a website. In addition to this, it is accompanied by the marketing of content where the relevant topics for our user or potential client are found.

How does SEO work?

Although there are miles of aspects that Google takes into account when positioning the various web pages, these optimizations can be separated into two types.

SEO Onsite: these are all the aspects that are needed within the web so that it complies with Google’s requirements, such as keywords, loading time, user experience, meta-descriptions, among others.

Offsite: It is all that information that is had from the web page, but outside of it. Here is the interaction of Social Networks, quantity and quality of links to the web, brand authority, etc.

Why it is important?

Users have begun to give more importance to the pages that appear organically or those that truly respond to their search and not only want to sell them a product or service. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to find ourselves in the top positions all the time through paid advertising. It not only becomes more competitive but also more expensive. Finally, SEO is part of a long-term strategy that considerably increases sales if we combine SEO Onsite, Offsite and Content Marketing.

How does SEO help my business?

Here we share the three aspects that you should take into account why you should do SEO for your business website


As a company we want to appear all or at least the vast majority of times when a person searches for our product or service. By having a page optimized for search engines, we appear more times for the keywords we are using. This will generate greater visibility of your site in Google and therefore greater sales opportunities.


Google makes a list of pages for each search and classifies them according to the relevance of each information for this user. When a website is positioned within the first page, users understand that this information is the most relevant for them. Therefore, having your website in the first positions generates credibility and that the user takes your website as a reference.


Although traffic is not going to generate money on its own in all ways, it is an important aspect to take into account. Do we compare a website with a restaurant? Would you rather have a place on an avenue where people do not travel? The answer is clearly no, the best thing would be to have a restaurant on an avenue that has the largest influx of people. That is why the traffic that the web has will increase the number of users who interact with the web and who can buy, in the case of an electronic commerce, or who can fill out a form and thus offer our product or service.

If you need support in the SEO of your website, do not hesitate to contact professionals, specialists in digital solutions.