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Posicionamiento SEO APROS

Our spotlights for SEO

Traceability audit

A well-defined web structure must have the support of xml files, robots, friendly urls, among others, to make it easier to be found by search engines.

External link to your website

We evaluate and collaborate to define strategies for spreading links on the web, whether on social networks, directories or related pages.

Code/Server Audit

We identify and correct bad practices in configurations that can impact the loading time, mobile viewing and security of your website.

Interaction with social networks

We validate that all sections of your website are optimized to be shared on social networks with the correct data.

Keyword analysis

Usamos un planificador de palabras claves y otras herramientas para medir el volumen de búsqueda y elegir estratégicamente los keywords a posicionar.

We use a keyword planner and other tools to measure search volume and strategically choose keywords to rank for.

Interactive UX Validation

We review each page from its first load, validating it has buttons and links that help navigation oriented to conversions.

Digital content marketing

Starting from interviews, we generate and publish articles for your corporate blog using the keywords focused on your business.

Integration with Google services

We connect with the Google Search Console and optimize Google Business settings, the Tag Manager and Analytics.

Your website on the first page

1 - SEO diagnosis

Where are we, where do we want to go?

2 - Optimization

Let's execute the work plan

3 - Content marketing

We keep Google always alert

4 - Follow-up

We periodically measure the positioning

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