Transform your data into decisions with web analytics

Create powerful visualizations with data from Google Analytics, Google Sheets, or your own tables. Know at all times the status of your digital investment and speed up decision-making time.


Your digital products in a single board


The Stalker: Google Analytics

This tool helps to know all the insight of the user experience and behavior on the web.


The Geek: Google Tag Manager

It hosts all the tracking codes that are needed be it from Facebook, CrazyEgg, Google Analytics.

google-optimize (1)

The Scientist: Google Optimize

It allows testing various variations of the website, experimenting and testing improvement hypotheses.


The Executive: Google Data Studio

With the data, dynamic reports can be made that help make the right decisions.

We build your report in 4 steps

1 - Define KPIs

We define the main indicators of the web

2 - Tracking code

We install the codes on all platforms

3 - Report creation

We build your report in Google Data Studio

4 - Analysis of data

We analyze your data for the correct decision making

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    Meet our digital specialist

    Skills & Certifications of Carmen Trigoso:

    • Data Analytics & Visualization, General Assembly, Washington DC
    • Certification Analytics, Google
    • Certification Ads Search, Google
    • Certification Mobile Sites, Google
    • Certification Digital Sales, Google
    • Certification Google My Business
    Carmen Trigoso